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Bendigo Strata; Powered by Turnkey Intelligence
Healthcare Executive Forum 2017
January 12th, 2017

On behalf of Haynes Hendrickson of Turnkey Intelligence, thank you to Jim Blazar and the Healthcare Executive Forum team for inviting us to speak at the Forum!

We have created this page to help with questions and follow up, and hope you find it convenient. Scroll to the bottom of the page for contact information thanks!

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Bendigo Strata: Powered by Turnkey Intelligence

We couldn't find a research tool dedicated to the convergence of Sports and HealthCare, so we teamed up with Turnkey to create one! Strata was built….

  • Exclusively for Hospitals and Health Networks
  • To evaluate and track effectiveness of sports marketing partnerships
  • To deliver data and metrics for awareness, relevance, fan sponsor loyalty, and transfer of trust
  • Providing insights into the numbers
  • To help optimize activations and sponsorship tactics

Why are Healthcare and Sports organizations teaming up?

Hospitals and health networks are developing innovative and powerful marketing partnerships with consumer products and brands, sports teams, leagues and media partners. We help healthcare providers partner with great brands and properties to:

  • Borrow equity from leading brands and transfer trust from team to healthcare provider
  • Reach engaged audiences spending discretionary income in captive “passion point” environments
  • Activate “population health” messaging and calls-to-action, engaging tuned-out healthier audiences
  • Position for B2B strategic objectives, supporting growth and leverage in acquisition / partnerships

How can Strata help – before, during and after your Sports Marketing Partnership? 

Strata is comprised of four components that monitor, evaluate and measure Healthcare Providers’ sports partnerships:

1.    Performance Tracker - Multi-wave survey-based study measuring performance of sports partnerships

  • Tracks sports’ impact across specific Healthcare Provider metrics
  • Customizable for specific local market KPI’s i.e.: Service Line, Service Area & Demographic
  • Year-over-year performance tracking, 
  • Building normative date to help compare market performances

2.    Partnership Assets Valuation – Monetary calculation of marketing assets such as Stadia, Media & Social

3.    On-Site – In-person surveys conducted by at sponsored events and games (via tablets)

  • Opportunity to engage directly with targeted fan base
  • Ability to gather feedback on specific on-site activation
  • Quick-time results

4.    Partnership Match Analysis – Utilization of Bendigo, Turnkey, team and open sourced sports fan data to improve decision metrics before engaging with sports properties

Can Strata help your organization?

Lets talk! Call or email us so we can learn about your challenges and how we may be able to help.



Contact Information:

Jeff Sofka
CEO: Bendigo

Haynes Hendrickson
President: Turnkey Intelligence

About Us:

As former NFL and sports/entertainment-marketing agency execs who unexpectedly found themselves building and managing a major health care system brand, we’ve been energized by the natural convergence of health care and sports, and have dedicated Bendigo to bringing the two worlds together. We’re developing and executing strategies in support of top healthcare systems, building their partnerships with top sports properties, and helping them build their brands and businesses. 

We recruited Turnkey Intelligence, the best in the business in sports consumer/brand research, to help us – and our clients – understand if healthcare investments in sports are performing, and how we can optimize those efforts.

Turnkey Intelligence:
Since 1996, Turnkey Intelligence has been the leading provider of full service custom market research to sports and entertainment businesses. We’ve executed thousands of studies for brands, sponsors, agencies, properties, venues, and more. Turnkey’s custom research division prides itself on its complete understanding of the fan as a consumer, which informs our focused approach to each project we undertake. We consult closely with our clients to identify each individual project’s goals, create and execute a comprehensive and appropriate strategy that results in the collection of actionable data, and distill that data into actual solutions to our clients’ business problems.

Turnkey Intelligence teamed up with Bendigo to help the Healthcare industry develop the same custom best-in-class research and insights that the world’s greatest brand use to evaluate their sports partnerships.


Click here for a downloadable .pdf version of this document