Delivering Custom Analytics for Healthcare Sponsorships

Sponsorships provide health care systems with assets, platforms, and ways to engage their communities on a deeper, more emotional level that traditional advertising. Therefore, your sponsorship research and analytics requires a nuanced approach that traditional brand surveys can not provide.

So, Bendigo teamed up with Turnkey Intelligence, the world’s leading sports marketing research firm, to create STRATA, a proprietary tool for tracking, measuring, and evaluation healthcare systems’ sports sponsorships.

Supported By Industry Leading Experience

We deliver our clients custom research, fair market valuation, and strategic brand advice, by leveraging:

  • More than 20 years of direct engagement with the sports industry, deep familiarity with fans

  • An unrivaled database of historical norms and benchmarks

  • Extensive research across all major sports, specifically with sponsor breakthrough, allowing us to identify which activation tactics and working for you

  • Deep understanding of health care’s unique strategic goals

Delivering Actionable Insights For Your System

Helping your health care system:

  • Evaluate and monitor your sponsorship’s performance

  • Value the marketing assets in your agreement

  • Help you identify which sports partners could be best for your marketing goals before you negotiate an agreement

  • Actionable insights and brand advice to adjust your existing partnerships, driving YoY increases and delivering sponsorship breakthroughs

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Our Approach

Using our proprietary method, we can custom build any of the following tools to support your health care system’s sponsorship goals.


Performance Tracker

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Multi-wave survey-based study measuring performance of sports partnerships: 

  • Tracks sports’ impact across specific Healthcare Provider challenges by Service Line, Service Area, Demographic

  • Customizable for specific Healthcare Provider and local market KPI’s

  • Year-over-year tracking

  • Development of normative data to provide insight across market

  • Asset breakthrough analysis to identify what is working, what can use improvement, providing you with insights to adjust your marketing plan, and/or team asset mix accordingly

Partnership Asset Valuation

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Monetary calculation and overall performance indicator of: 

  • Marketing Rights

  • Media (traditional and social)

  • Social Amplification

On-Site Survey

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In-person survey conducted by brand ambassadors at sponsored events and games (via tablets):

  • Opportunity to engage directly with targeted fan base

  • Ability to gather feedback on specific on-site activation

  • Quick-time results

Partnership Match Analysis

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Utilization of Bendigo, Turnkey, Team and open sourced sports fan data to improve decision metrics before engaging with sports teams:

  • Providing key insights based on data and research

  • Identifying and prioritizing the asset mix which best resonates with their fan bases

  • Evaluating market landscape, identifying opportunities

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Social Listening

Utilizing social and digital conversations to

  • Identify the alignment of athletes/teams with the brand

  • Track effectiveness of social campaigns

  • Optimize sponsorship signage


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