Health Care Is Deeply Engaged In Sports & Strategic Collaborations

Leading systems are deep into sports marketing and strategic collaborations for the same reason top consumer brands are: It delivers. Beyond the impressions, media value, engagement and “appointment viewing,” consumers trust the health care systems trusted by their favorite teams and brands, and that impacts affinity, consideration, and ultimately utilization.

Health Care x Sports Partnerships Are Unique

We believe health care providers are different than traditional sports advertisers or sponsors, they are true partners, keeping the team’s athletes, fans and community healthy. Bendigo is the leading agency at the convergence of health care and sports because we create partnerships, not sponsorships with the leading sports and entertainment properties, creating alignment that inspire the teams to speak with their fans, on their media platforms, in their voice, on behalf of our clients.

What We Do

Bendigo capabilities focus on the Convergence of Healthcare & Sports


Partnership Strategy & Negotiation

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Bendigo delivers maximum value for leading healthcare systems with their Teams, Universities, Events, Properties, and Athletes partnerships. Through our longstanding experience and relationships in sports and entertainment, we negotiate deeply integrated partnerships that go beyond "buying signage". We deliver cost savings, identify assets that deliver actual value to your strategic goals, and cultivate strategic alignments that drives benefit and ROI across your system.


Marketing & Activation Services

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With decades of experience navigating complex rules around the use of team marks, players, and venues, we provide a range of streamlined marketing services, transferring the trust built within a team's fanbase to your brand. Our range of services includes sports team media buying, creative services, service line marketing, digital, merchandising, event coordination, cause marketing, fundraising, marketing automation, and CRM integration.


Research, Analytics, & Insights


Sponsorships provide health care systems with assets and platforms to engage their communities on a more emotional level than traditional advertising. Therefore, your sponsorship research and analytics requires a nuanced approach that traditional brand research cannot provide. Bendigo teamed up with Turnkey Intelligence, the sports industry’s top research firm to develop, Strata, a proprietary research platform for tracking healthcare sponsorships. With more than 20 years of direct engagement with the sports industry we deliver custom research, fair market valuation, and strategic brand advice so healthcare systems can maximize their investments in sports partnerships.



Corporate Partnerships


Consolidating health care systems are creating new opportunities to leverage critical mass. Bendigo is helping our clients' supply chain leaders apply methodologies from Sports & Entertainment Properties - resulting in cost reduction, new revenues and marketing/philanthropic benefits, generating millions in new benefits for their systems.